Year Round Favorites


Aromatherapy - A soothing blend of Lavender and herbs combined to gently awake the senses.


Cinnamon Stick - Rich spicy cinnamon infused with natural essential oils including Clove, Cinnamon Bark and Nutmeg.


 Cupid's Kiss - A delicious fusion of  hydrangea, cherry blossom, apple, and peach.  Its the perfect kiss of sweetness!


Egyptian Amber - An  herbal infusion of  musk and sandalwood topped off with hints of jasmine and lavender.


Fresh Linen - Take a deep breath of this beautiful breezy day with hints of lemon, apple & sunshine finished with soft lavender & lily.


Jamaican Sunset - Close your eyes and take a trip to the tropics with this heavenly blend of coconut, rum, and pineapple sweetness.


Lavender - Run thru the open meadow with this rich scent of naturally infused Lavender oil.


Midnight Musk  - A deep yet balanced musk with notes of fern and a woody base.


Vanilla Burst -  Intense Vanilla scent fills your room with a powerful yet delicious punch!





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